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DIY E-Liquid Safety 101

A big thing in the vaping world is customization. Vapers love being able to customize their entire vaping experience and e-liquids are no different. A DIY e-liquid is one that you mix up yourself. This is great for making the liquid as strong or subtle as you want, as well as getting the exact flavor… Continue reading DIY E-Liquid Safety 101


Make Pyrex And Glass Tanks Your Go-To Vape Tanks

Pyrex and glass tanks are devices that change the state of e-juices. These tanks are fitted with atomizers that have a maximum of two posts which joins to a wick that has a coil wrapped around it. The coils are of different sizes depending on the type of tank. The size of the coils affects… Continue reading Make Pyrex And Glass Tanks Your Go-To Vape Tanks

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Don’t Panic Over Spilled E-Liquid!

It’s going to happen. You’re going to spill vape juice. It can spill in your pocket, in a purse. The first telltale sign that has you cursing a few obscenities is when you smell the strong, pungent scent of the vape juice with the vape nowhere in your hands. Dealing with a vape juice spill… Continue reading Don’t Panic Over Spilled E-Liquid!

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Deciding On Whether to Use Max VG or Max PG

Vaping involves inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette, vaporizer or MOD. The devices have a tank and coil system that turn the e-liquid into vapor to allow inhalation. When it comes to vaping, two terms keep popping up; these are PG and VG. PG stands for Propylene Glycerol, and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin.… Continue reading Deciding On Whether to Use Max VG or Max PG

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Dripping Basics: What Vapers Need To Know About Dripping

Most vapers are likely to swear by dripping. The majority, especially the experienced ones, prefer this type of vaping as it takes it up a notch  Dripping allows vapers to drip e-liquid directly on the coil. With that said, the personalized vaping experience brings satisfaction and can be done according to the preference of the vaper.… Continue reading Dripping Basics: What Vapers Need To Know About Dripping

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The Dripping Arts in the World of Vaping

Dripping is a very wide spread way to vape. It is the most common type of vaping among cloud chasers and modders in general. Its versatility and customization is the reason it is so popular. There are many ways to drip such as RDAs, RTAs, and Squonkers. Also, different types of coils play a huge… Continue reading The Dripping Arts in the World of Vaping



When it comes to bourbon vape juice flavors, Om Vapors has what you are looking for with the Fayette Reserve line. In fact, we kinda figured you can never have enough great alcohol beverage flavors. That’s why we had the opportunity to come up with two great tasting e-liquids, made right here in the USA-… Continue reading FAYETTE RESERVE AT OM VAPORS