Why do we offer WTA juices?

We get a lot of questions about what whole tobacco alkaloid (WTA) juice is and why we would want to offer it, so to clarify we decided to make a blog post detailing exactly what it is and what makes it different from every other e-liquid on the market.

Is WTA e-liquid for you? There are some benefits to WTA over other e-liquids especially for people switching over from a heavy cigarette habit, the target market is people who have tried switching to e-cigs and found that either:

A. E-cigs just do not “do it” for them.

B. They like e-cigs but do not see them as a full-on replacement for cigarettes and continue to smoke on the side.

So, if you cannot get e-cigs to work then maybe WTA’s are exactly what you need.

If nicotine-only juice was enough for you to switch from cigarettes then more power to you! We recommend sticking with what works for you and that is why we offer all of our flavors in both WTA and regular nicotine. We actually recommend people who have not had any problems getting off cigarettes with regular e-liquid stick with the regular line since part of the reason why WTA’s work so well is that they better emulate what makes cigarettes so habit-forming, making WTA’s more habit-forming as a result. We do not want people getting addicted to our products but rather we want people to have a healthier alternative to something they are already addicted to. The reason for this added effect is the presence of background alkaloids in the juice.

So what is a “background alkaloid?” Alkaloids are found in almost all plants, they are the nitrogenous compounds in the plant and in many cases interact in some way with the human body, background alkaloids are ones found in smaller amounts. In the case of the tobacco plant the main alkaloid is nicotine and the background alkaloids are nornicotine, anatabine, and anabasine. The background alkaloids modify the effects of nicotine by making the overall effect both stimulating and relaxing whereas nicotine by itself acts as more of a stimulant. The effect one gets from WTAs is a lot more like the effect of a cigarette since it contains these background alkaloids in the same ratio as they are in the tobacco plant. Ideally, WTA’s should be looked at as a stepping stone in the switch from cigarettes. They do not contain any of the cancer-causing chemicals released when a cigarette burns so the negative health effects are expected to be drastically smaller than cigarettes and much more like any other e-liquid.

There really is not much of a difference when it comes to taste. WTAs have a greater throat hit as compared to an e-liquid with the same amount of USP nicotine, and that is something a lot of people who are switching over from cigarettes tend to prefer, anyway.

This might sound a lot like another product called NET e-juice, so, how are WTAs different from NET e-juices? Naturally extracted tobacco or NET e-juice gives the same whole tobacco effect as WTA but this extraction process is a little more crude and does not leave you with the ability to flavor the juice like anything other than the tobacco it is made from. With a whole world of flavors out there using WTAs we can make a juice that still tastes like tobacco or any combination of fruits and creams while still being highly satisfying for smokers. We can also control the dosage of nicotine a lot more closely and this makes quality control easier and also provides options for people trying to lower their nicotine intake.

Hopefully this answers everyone’s questions but if you have another question or know something I forgot to mention feel free to leave a comment!


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