New Line Launched


After months of hard work and hundreds of hours of research and development, we are proud to announce our new lineup of flavors! We redesigned the labels with some new artwork and really upped the ante in the flavor department. We have honed our flavoring craft over the past couple months and narrowed our line down to 5 flavors that we sincerely believe are some of the best tasting available on the market.

The Cobra- A mouthwatering combination of strawberries and creams, topped off with cake crumbs and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Mindful Monkey – Mom’s banana pudding in vape form. A combination of ripe bananas, rich pudding and sprinkles of crisp delectable vanilla wafers.

Nirvana – A savory blueberry donut with a sugary glaze, baked perfectly to make a fluffy, moist, appetizing cake.

Mantra – A truly transcendental blend of tropical and exotic fruits. Sweet and succulent with a well-rounded flavor.

The Tiger – Sugarcoated apple cereal combined with hearty grains, with a splash of cool, refreshing milk topped off with a hint of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.

Each flavor in our line was the result of narrowing down from 20-80 different recipe variations that took months of steeping and hundreds of hours of testing.

We wanted to be scientifically sound in testing the recipes out to make sure we actually had the best flavors possible. We bought all the best similar flavors we could find to compare against and found some kind souls willing to participate in some blind studies for free e-liquid. In the comparison, we put our juice, along with juice from other brands, in unmarked bottles and asked participants to pick the best tasting. We wanted to wait until a single recipe was picked 90+% of the time before it was considered finished and that standard is what really made the process so time-consuming; especially since steeping can drastically change the flavor and takes some time to wait on.

In the end,  we came up with some of the best recipes for these flavors that you will find on the market. With the amount of work that has gone into this line we are satisfactorily confident that our flavors are hard to imitate. Unfortunately, none of the previous line is available right now, but we will be updating the current line to include more diverse flavors, eventually.

The whole line is still available in WTA if that s your thing but it currently is not available for wholesale. We’re undergoing some branding updates that should soon bring these to store shelves soon but that is an update for another day.

Everything is available in 15, 30, and 120 mL sizes.

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