Diketones – Fear mongering or sensible regulation?

Over the past couple of years, more and more vendors have begun to get their e-liquids analyzed for diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl due to an increased fear of contracting popcorn lung. It is our opinion as an e-liquid manufacturer that e-liquid tastes just as good without these compounds, so there is no need to use them in our products.

As a bonus to holding ourselves to a higher standard, we do not have to worry about the moral or legal liability involved in having caused one of our customers to get sick. We believe all manufacturers should strive to  make e-cigarettes a safer alternative to cigarettes. We are not everyone, though.

Consumers generally agree with us that this is necessary not to include the aforementioned compounds. However, there is a divide within the vaping community.  On one side, consumers feel that vendors need to be as transparent with what compounds are present when marketing their products. Others think that people who consciously avoid the compounds are overreacting.

So far, studies have shown e-cigarettes to be over 95% safer and 40% cheaper than tobacco based cigarettes.

The following graph by vape wild was assembled from information by the CDC and FDA (as stated in their footnotes).  The chart shows that cigarettes contain tens of thousands of times more diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, than e-cigarettes . We do not know, however, if it is the levels of these chemicals in cigarettes which are causing various diseases.  This is because most chemicals in cigarettes harm your health in some way or another and symptoms of popcorn lung closely mimic those of related diseases like COPD, of which 8 in 10 cases are caused by cigarettes.

Even though early research shows that e-cigarettes have a clear advantage over traditional cigarettes in terms of harmful chemicals emitted, the main area of concern is the threshold needed to contract Popcorn Lung through diacetyl exposure. This remains a mystery as there have not been any studies published showing the link between the exact amount of exposure attributed to the development to popcorn lung to the best of our knowledge.

In good faith to our consumers, we determine it is best not to introduce diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl as long as there is a risk involved in the consumption of these compounds.

How do you feel about this?


-Les Sandusky


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