News! May 31st, 2016

We have a couple announcements for the end of May!

Starting today we will be eliminating all custom concentrations and flavored WTA’s. Although we enjoyed providing a large variety of options for our customers, creating and recording custom batches took too much time and slowed down our processing times to unacceptable levels. To remedy this problem we now offer all flavored e-liquids in 1.5 mg nicotine. However, we have removed the 16 mg option because it was unpopular.

We are also scaling our  unflavored bases down and only offering 0mg, 6mg, 12mg , 24 mg and 36 mg made with USP nicotine or WTAs. We decided on these concentration levels because they cover 95% of what most people order.  For all the people that enjoyed flavored WTA’s, rest easy! We will be offering a DIY pack as soon as we get accustomed to our current system along with a guide for flavoring your e-liquid and diluting nicotine.

As quite a few of our international customers know, the shipping costs for larger orders tend to be very inaccurate. As a result of this, we allowed free shipping for international orders over $100. Unfortunately, we have to end this perk. From here on out we will only offer a flat rate price for international shipping until we migrate our website to our new system. We are working vigilantly to get this fixed and promise to not forget about our friends across the globe.


Now, for some exciting news!!!

We will be giving out free samples of two new flavors  and holding a “guess that flavor” contest during the month of June. Both flavors will be released during the third week of June ,no purchase is necessary to enter, just send your guess to promo@omvapors.com for a chance to win.The contest is open to anyone of legal age, willing to participate.

We are very excited for the upcoming month and will be making some much need changes to improve our efficiency and range of products. Stay tuned and remember to “Breathe Easy”



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