The Reincarnation of Om Vapors

We have been making a lot of changes at Om Vapors lately. If you didn’t hear the news last week, we’re changing our packaging, expanding our DIY section, releasing two new flavors Monday, and lowering the price of some of our products.  Let us explain all these changes in further detail.

We will be switching to plastic 120ml bottles due to shipping costs. However, we may offer glass bottles on the site in the future as singular DIY items. We are lowering the price of 120ml WTA’s to $29.99 and 120ml’s USP nicotine to $10.99. 0mg PG and VG bases will cost $2.99. In addition to these change, we received overwhelming feedback regarding concentrated flavoring and will offer them on the site by early August at the latest. We are also adding cotton, coils, and syringes to the site (1 ml, 10ml). Now let’s move on to the most recent events to transpire!

Since the FDA is not allowing flavors to be released after August 8th, we have a slew of flavors that we have been perfecting over the past couple of years in the vault, ready to be released. Look for plenty of quality juices to be added to our site periodically over the next month including our two new releases named Ascension and Zen. Sample packs will also be released by Monday July 25th and will be available in 0, 3, 6, and 9 mg’s.

Since we are adding 10 ml sample packs we will be removing the 15 ml option from our line and will only be offering our juices in 10ml, 30 ml and 120ml sizes. We may add 60ml and 240 ml sizes on the site by offering a small discount from buying 2 30ml or 120 ml bottles at once. So, the more you buy, the more you save!

Last but not least, we are moving to a new facility on Monday! Since our current facility’s lease is not up until the end of the month, the transition will be a casual, steady process that impacts our most important asset, you guys, minimally if at all. We will however be very exhausted at the end of the process.

Keep posted for more news and updates from Om Vapors. We are just getting warmed up this summer, and there is so much more to come!


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