Prepare for the second wave of our Reincarnation line! The two newest flavors, for sale early this week on our website, are Lotus and Karma. They join Zen and Ascension as the 4 newest flavors in our line, with plenty more to come! If you don’t see them today, just keep checking in. They will be up in the next day or two. Read below for a description of each flavor.

(Karma) Milk and Honey: Good for breakfast, dinner, or tea time for you fancy vapers! Creamy, rich milk flavors, sweetened naturally with succulent honey makes for a mellow vape that fits in well at any time with anything. Remember, pinkies out when the cloud blows out!

(Lotus) White Miso Peach, Pear, and apple: A citrus and savory ice cream with traditional Japanese flavors that trademark the country’s cuisine. Even the fruits used are traditional Japanese fair, with crisp apples and the complex pear blending with the juicy sweetness of the peach. Try this juice with the Eastern flair.

Zen (Guava Pastry): Hot, fresh, and flaky crust flavors. Gooey, rich cream cheese. Sweet sugar and vanilla notes to round out the tart and savory guava that dominates this new, delicious and completely unique creation inspired by Caribbean cuisine.

Ascension (Raspberry Pomegranate Mousse Cake): Tart and refreshing raspberry and pomegranate, combined with graham cracker crust, covered in layers of sweet vanilla, buttery cream. All this combines for a perfect dessert juice that will leave you wanting more!

Keep an eye out for our budget line! We are going to be offering about a half dozen unique flavors at a discounted price in the near future (I’m really excited for 2 particular flavors in this line, probably my two favorite flavors we offer).

Legal Stuff: If you’re still reading at this point, here are the obligatory disclaimers as we remain in compliance with individual state laws.

We require all customers from California, NYC, and Hawaii to submit a Photo ID verifying that they are over 21. Submit a picture of the ID to promo@omvapors.com. Make sure to include the invoice number of the order in the subject line. The address on the ID MUST match either the billing or shipping address of the order.


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