Black Friday and Customer Rewards update!



Have You Encountered a Problem With Your Order???
Let me start by saying that Black Friday weekend was CRAZY!! Thank you guys for making it a success!

We have sent out 90 percent of the orders that were received between Black Friday and last week. However, we still have a few orders that are outstanding that need to be age verified. If you have not received a shipping confirmation please send us an email to sales@omvapors.com and we will solve your issue immediately.

If we messed up your order please contact us and we will be more than happy to fix your issue. I am sure that we made a few mistakes between the sleep deprivation and turkey comas. Remember we are here to help and we love making our customers happy. 🙂

New Website 

With growth, come growing pains. This is no less true with our new website rollout. While it has allowed us to give you a better experience with our brand and products, order histories have unfortunately been lost as we were unable to transfer them. With order histories, old accounts made on our previous website have also been lost.

We sincerely apologize for this. We understand it is frustrating to have to rebuild your account. It is frustrating if you have questions about previous orders and we don’t have full access to your records to resolve your issues. Sorry for any problems this change has caused, but rest assured we will continue our great customer service and strive to provide you an awesome product.

These changes are all for the greater good, though, so don’t be discouraged! Once you make your new account on our website, you automatically benefit from a new customer rewards program, which we will talk about below.

Customer Rewards Program:
Great news! Every order you place on our new website is earning you rewards. While these rewards are not yet visible to you, we are about to roll out our rewards system in the next week. This will provide you visual access to both see the reward points you’re earning and provide you the ability to redeem your points for products and special discounts. This is a thank you to the most valuable aspect of our business; you, the customer!


Our coupon-fee sale continues! Enjoy the following deals.

70% off 2016 and Reincarnation e-liquids.
50% off Om Express e-liquids.
30% off WTA base (located in our DIY product section)

$0.01 Juices Continue:
We are continuing to spread the holiday cheer with great offers for orders through the New Year:
Spend $40, get ANY 30ml juice for just one cent extra.
Spend $60, get ANY 120ml juice for just one cent extra.

 Shop Now
 Juice DB

Current Contests:
We are continuing our gigantic 10,000ml giveaway on Reddit Electronic_Cigarette. Find our post for a chance to win this week and every week through the end of the holidays!

Visit us on vapingunderground.com and e-cigarette-forum.com to check out our current giveaways.

Happy Holidays! Breathe Easy.




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