Tips For Adult Signature Confirmation

Major Changes in Receiving Vape Mail: Must Read!

First off, happy 2017! Thanks for a great year last year, and we hope all of you keep sticking with us. Credit card companies are not making it easy to do this, however. We have mentioned this previously over the last couple months, but as a reminder, January 15th begins required adult signature verification to receive vape mail resulting from regulations being enforced onto businesses by MasterCard.

Adult Signature Confirmation

Why is adult signature confirmation a big deal? I’m over 18…I’m sure this is the first thing coming to many of your minds. To place an online order, you already have to be an adult. Unfortunately for US vaping businesses, a person 21 or older must sign for any vape mail you receive. If you’re 18-20, this is going to affect you greatly. Don’t worry too much; we have some solutions for you later on.

Getting back to the main issue, an 18 year old can still place orders and pay for merchandise and e-liquid. 18-20 year olds must address the package to a residence or business that has a 21 year old to sign for the mail, though. Vape mail cannot simply be dropped off by postal companies either. A 21 year old must be present to receive and sign for it, or it CANNOT be delivered. Keep in mind carrier rules for undeliverable packages. If multiple attempts are made to deliver your package and the carrier deems your package undeliverable, you are held responsible for the delivery failure. Please refer to our guidelines for undeliverable packages, or the guidelines of any company you patronize before you place orders you cannot receive.

Pro Tips

Listen up busy bees and people younger than 21! We have a few ideas to help you out. Address your vape mail to your place of business if you have someone over 21 to receive the mail. This is the best method for both meeting the age qualification to receive the mail and ensuring that your package will be received. If you’ve never addressed mail to a business, write “ATTN: Your Name(Or the Recipients Name)” below the business address so you get your mail.

Other less effective methods is to have your mail addressed to a reliable friend, a family member, or your residence hall if you go to college and someone over 21 is available to sign for your mail.

Are You Angry, Dissatisfied, Don’t Understand The New Rules?

If you are any of the above, we understand. Om Vapors has been fighting to work around this BS for 2 months now. These regulations come from MasterCard, who is enforcing them upon the businesses. We have talked to our processing company on numerous occasions about dropping MasterCard as a payment method we accept, but they will not allow us to operate and not accept MasterCard. We have spoken to competitors to try and circumvent the MasterCard regulations to no avail. This is a reality we simply have to accept, despite our best attempts.

Some of you may not be satisfied with our explanation on the mandatory shipping changes. If so, please call MasterCard Customer Service at 800-307-7309 or visit their web page at https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/ask-mastercard-webform.html to file a complaint or ask questions.


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