The Importance of Priming Your Coils Before Using Them


If you’re an experienced vaper, there is no doubt that by now you fully understand the importance of properly and thoroughly priming your coils. A coil that hasn’t been fully primed will inevitably lead to an unpleasant vaping experience and essentially be a waste of a good coil.

Many vapers have learned about the importance of priming their coils the hard way. By rushing through this crucial process, they’ll discover that when it’s time to vape, the taste is remarkably unpleasant and the throat hits are weak. Coils that haven’t been primed properly will also burn out quickly, forcing the vaper to purchase a new coil prematurely. This can get expensive.

 Why It’s Important to Prime Your New Coils

 Your MOD has many different mechanisms that work together in order to facilitate the vaping experience. The battery’s voltage sends power to the coil, allowing it to heat up. When the coil has achieved the proper temperature, it will heat the e-liquid, turning it into vapor.

Because this coil gets so hot, it must be adequately saturated with juice so that the wick doesn’t burn out. Vaping with a coil that’s not saturated will result in a burnt taste and will not produce much vapor. Also, the wick of the coil will burn out, making it useless. A burnt-out coil must then be replaced.

That’s why it is so important to prime every new coil. Again, priming your coil is a process that involves saturating the coil with e-liquid and taking certain precautions to prevent the wick from burning out.

How Do You Prime a Coil?

Step 1: After taking your new coil out of its packaging, pour a couple of drops of e-liquid into the top section of the coil that is lined with cotton. Then, pour one or two drops into each of the little holes that have exposed cotton. Let this sit for 30 seconds so that the juice can fully absorb into the cotton.

Step #2: Screw your new coil in. With the device turned off, take 8-10 deep dry hits. The force of your breath will allow the e-liquid to distribute throughout the coil.

Step #3: Turn your device on and bring the wattage down to about 10. Take a few regular hits. Wait 10 seconds.

Step #4: Turn the wattage up a little. Take a few more hits. Wait 10 seconds.

Step #5: Continue this process, slowly upping the wattage and taking a couple of hits at a time. Eventually, bring your wattage back to where you usually have it set.

Your coil should now be functioning perfectly.

The process of priming your coil may at first seem tedious but it’s necessary in order to have the best vaping experience possible.


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