PG/VG Ratios

Getting Your PG/VG Ratios Accurate


The PG (propylene glycol), nicotine, VG (vegetable glycerin), and the flavor – these are the ingredients to make your favorite e-juice. But what about evaluating the strength as well as determining the ratios?

The strength of nicotine in your e-juice is dependent on the amount of nicotine present. For instance, you have 10 percent of the e-juice contain nicotine. It indicates that 10 percent is flavoring as well. For this reason, you have 80 percent remaining for fillers, which dilute the nicotine and flavoring. This is where VG and PG set in. While it all depends on your vaping criteria, the 80 percent will determine the percentage of the VG and PG ratios in the e-juice.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a sweet, tick liquid in nature. Or you to produce luscious vapors, you must use higher VG ratio. For you to get a sweeter taste on the e-juice, a higher ratio of VG is important. For PG (propylene glycol), it produces a much thinner taste. This is a stimulation of smoking because of the throat hit. For some people, it has a higher rate of sensitivity. For this reason, some people can totally avoid its use during vaping.

Or a start, a DIY vapor should consider commencing his vaping experience with a 5-/5- mix of VG and PG in the e-juice. You will always make adjustments on your net order after you try. If you get a better throat hit, consider trying a 30/70 VG/PG mix or fewer clouds.

VG= Bigger Clouds and PG = More Flavor
This is an arguable point for most. General vapors, however, accept this fact. PG always has a more flavor than any combination of VG. It is also true that VG has less concentration of Flavors than PG. to avoid dry hits and wicking problems, determine whether your device accepts some levels of PG or VG.

MODs use drippers. Therefore, you can get flexible parameters in the fluid ratios you can also use high PG ratios if your coil MOD uses high ohms.

For vaping, e-cigs contain cartomizers which are a common tank style. They include the Mini Nautilus and the Kanger Protank. They also range between 1.0 – 2.4 ohms. They are suitable or 40/60 or 50/50 ratios because they can’t cope with thicker clouds which often leads to unpleasant burns and dry hits.

There are two main broad falls of the question. In most instances, people want to know the correct VG/PG ratios in an e-juice. They forget that this is a personal reference. However, some truths can affect different vaping devices and the PG or VG e-liquids. Because most vapor accepts them, they are considered as general facts.


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