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The Fill Line Matters When Your Filling Your Vape Tank


When electronic cigarettes first hit the scene, it was a common site to see vapers taking a draw and then immediately looking for a place to spit out. This usually had to do with overfilling the tanks with e-liquid. And it took a while for some to figure it out. For all those users of tobacco in its various forms, e-cigs were a welcome break. Ever since e-cigs became available, both smokers and non-smokers alike stood in line to get their own unit. However, most first-time buyers got only a basic introduction in its operation after buying one, before they walked out the door. Thus, most first time buyers got frustrated with their product and hightailed it back to the store for a refund. Usually, it was only then the sales staff took the time to show the proper operation of the device.

One of the most common problems people had was with the reservoir or tank, that holds the liquid. Unless you are using a “mini” type of e-cig, they come with a liquid holder or tank and a re-chargeable battery. The tank has a line indicating the maximum level of the liquid. It is important to not to overfill or go past the line when filling, to have a pleasurable vaping experience. The reason for this is very simple. In most tanks, it is possible for the liquid to overflow inside the tank and enter the center passageway. The center passageway is for airflow only. This is how you get the steam from the resultant heating of liquid by the coil. Clogging this area with liquid ends up with the vaping liquid in the mouth.

Not all e-cig tanks are built the same. Most will have a line clearly showing the fill mark, some don’t. In this case, you must make an educated guess by looking at the central passageway. You will be able to see it, it will look like a small tube at the center of the tank. If that’s the case then the liquid should not go beyond the opening, when filling. This may seem obvious but for a novice who has little or no experience using e-cigs, this can be a little tricky. This is especially true with the more advanced modified devices such as MODs that can come with big tanks. This is not done strictly for a more pleasurable vaping experience. Overfilling can also damage the coils quickly, especially on the cheaper vaporizer units.

Sometimes, no matter what type of device it is, it will come with instructions. Follow the instructions every time, whether it is filling the tank or cleaning the unit. If all of these steps are done, then not only will the consumer get a good vaping experience every time, but the device will last longer, too.


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