Finding the best e-liquid flavors at reasonable prices can sometimes get a bit complicated for any vaper out there. At Om Vapors, we understand what it’s like, so we want to help you achieve the best possible vaping experience.

Now, to be able to do this, we had to go outside the box a bit. And in today’s vaping market, you must sometimes get creative to really get vapers like yourselves to see the greatness in our brands. We’ve put together all 11 flavors from our 2016 and Reincarnation in a 120ml bundle (1320 ml of e-liquid)! Presenting: ENTIRE PREMIUM LINE

From morning e-juice flavor names like “TIGER”, to nice dessert e-juice flavor names like “OMEGA”, this awesome selection might just be what you’re looking for.

When it comes to finding the right e-liquids for a nice relaxing vape, or for the cloud chasers at heart, these e-juices provide what you’re looking for. And no matter what type of vaping budget you’re on, you can find quality e-juices from this bundle for certain.


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