Springtime Treasures by Om Vapors

Spring is right around the corner. Soon the sun will be shining bright, the breeze flowing, and you will smell sweet little nothings, and some not so sweet nothings in the air. Your in luck because Om Vapors offers some sweet smelling e-liquids that are sure to make any not so good smelling situation so much better. Here are 3 e-liquids perfect for springtime for my vaping enthusiast.

When spring arrives and things get a bit crazy, and your just like screw this I need to vape, grab Mindful Monkey. Mindful Monkey is an e-liquid that smells amazing as its flavors are banana pudding, whipped cream, and vanilla wafers. This e-liquid will help fulfill that crazy sensation of smoking but without all the chemicals of smoking.

Next, call up your friends and go hang out but don’t forget to grab The Warrior! This e-liquid is a strawberry citrus pound cake, yum. You need to try this flavor because this juice right here smells so good, and it tastes and vapes so deliciously. It doesn’t have that citrus kick to your taste buds like usual. It’s a very cool mellow taste which makes it so easy to enjoy. So be a Mindful Monkey and pay it forward, share The Warrior with your friends.

This last e-juiced is a nice ending to a cool spring day. The flavor is called Baked. Baked is a nice dessert without the calories. This will not only satisfy your cravings, but also satisfy your taste buds so you can get your summer beach body right. Baked e-liquid consists of caramel apple, graham crumbs, and toasted almonds – all jammed packed into an e-liquid flavor. So just sit back, relax, and vape with Baked.

When Spring arrives, make sure you have these three e-juices from Om Vapors: With Mindful Monkey, The Warrior, and Baked.


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