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Quick Tips For Staying Hydrated When You’re Vaping

I don’t remember feeling so thirsty when I smoked. Something about getting nicotine without all the nasty tar, produces a dire thirst at times. When I first started vaping, I was constantly drinking water, as I was carrying small bottles of water with me. Because I have more energy since I gave up smoking for vaping, as it’s been over 5 years now,  and drinking plenty of water, I began to feel very athletic!

Another good idea is to rinse your mouth out with water, if you can, after an e-cigarette. Liquid nicotine can thin the enamel on your teeth if you just let your teeth soak in it. There is an additional chemical, called ‘Propylene Glycol’ (PG), in e-liquid that can contribute to dehydration in vapers.

If you are experiencing dry mouth, dry eyes, or headaches, these could be signs of dehydration and you need to think about fluid replacement. Of course, the old adage of eight glasses of water a day will take care of your hydration needs, all things being equal. The problem is all things may not be equal. If you drink coffee to supplement your fluid intake, you are putting things in reverse. Coffee is a diuretic, which will take out more fluid from your body than the coffee puts in. If you drink coffee, you need to drink more than eight cups of water a day.

Now, fluid maintains your body temperature and keeps your joints moving. I have seen people with a back-pack like apparatus which holds more than your average bottle of water. This leaves your hands free for vaping, but doesn’t look odd in your non-vaping time. I do not like to drink water while I am vaping. My friends do to relieve dry mouth and thirst. For me, the water takes away from the warm vapor that is filling my lungs, and it ruins my experience.

Finally, a good sports drink can hydrate well, and provide potassium and electrolytes, which water does not. Many sports drinks are high in calorie and sugar content. Fruit juices are healthy, but the calories and natural sugars can pack on the pounds if your not careful. Water is definitely your number one choice for fluid. Don’t worry, eight cups is really not as much as it sounds like, as you will probably surpass this amount of water easily each day.


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