Vaping Advice

3 Key Vaping Tips When You’re On The Open Road

Vaping your favorite e-juices from Om Vapors while driving can be quite an enjoyable experience, if you are prepared properly. You see, simply put, it can also distract from your driving if you are not. With that said, here are 3 tips to keeping yourself and those around you safe while vaping out on the road.

Tip #1: Get Yourself Prepared for a Road Trip

Vaping is relatively safe while you are driving if it is not distracting you from the road. Make sure that you have your e-cig or MOD completely charged up before you leave the house. Also, make sure that you have your vape tank full. Searching for your charger or trying to fill your tank while driving can quickly and easily end up causing an accident. If you are going to be changing your atomizer soon, you should do that before you embark on any kind of long trip as well. Trying to change it out while you are driving will take far too much of your attention from the traffic around you.

Tip #2: Keep Your Windows Open and Your Windshield Clean

If you have been vaping in your car for a while, you have probably noticed that it causes a residue to form on your windshield. On a sunny day, it will cause a serious glare that can cause you to not be able to see out very well. By only vaping in your car with a window open, this will help lessen this. Clean your windshield and windows with a mixture of water and vinegar to remove this film if it has started to become a problem. If using a sub-ohm device, it is even more important because the thick clouds that they produce can stop you from being able to see the road in front of you.

Tip #3: Keep the Mouthpiece Away from Your Teeth

While driving on a road that is a bit bumpy, be careful not to put your mouthpiece too close to your teeth. If you hit a large bump, you may end up damaging your teeth with the metal. Nothing could be worse than damaging one of your front teeth while simply trying to drive and vape. You can also purchase plastic or rubber tips to help avoid problems like this from arising.

Vaping while you drive can be an enjoyable experience but you must make sure to take some precautions. Make sure that you have your device prepared, keep your windows open and clean, and make sure that you do not have your mouthpiece too close to your teeth. By following these three tips, you should be able to avoid the most common problems that arise from vaping while you drive.


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