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Do You Vape On Your Dates?

You cannot step out on a date to vape just because you feel like it, but you might be able to turn vaping into something you can do with your partner. Learn a little bit about your partner before you pull out your e-cigarette or MOD for the first time, and you will have a blast vaping with someone who likes it, too. You may not be able to convince them to vape (especially if they are a smoker), but they may like the smell of your favorite flavor. Put some thought into it, and you will have a much better time on your next date.

Date A Vaper
This is the simplest way to vape on your dates. You can meet people who love vaping just as much as you do, and the two of you will have a good time comparing notes. You can share devices and even your favorite e-juice flavors from Om Vapors. The vaping is something you do at the end of the night while you are sitting outside at a coffeehouse after a long date, and you will be able to count on vaping together at the end of the night.

Let Your Date Enjoy Your Flavors
Your date might enjoy the smell of all your flavors more than they enjoy vaping. This means that you will be able to sit down and vape during your dates while your date just takes in the nice aroma you have created. You may get attached to the vapor from your date’s favorite flavor, and they may get attached to yours. You may not believe this, but this is a great way to make lasting memories of someone, regardless of where things go.

You Have To Be Careful
You do not pull out your device on a date to vape just because you want to. It is probably better if you ask your date if it is alright for you to vape. They may want to know what the flavor is, or they may want to share. They might tell you to do it later, or they might tell you that they do not like the smell. You have to be respectful, and you will have a  better dating experience when you simply ask before you get started with your brief vape session.

Dating and vaping do go together when you do it right. Get to know your date, ask questions, and vape when the time is right.


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