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3 Quick Tips for Maintaining a Reasonable Throat Hit

The throat hit can be explained as the sensation someone feels at the back of their throat when taking a puff from their vaping device, most commonly described as a slight tickling or tingling. A good throat hit is typically the most important factor for people while vaping. This is especially true for people who used to be heavy smokers. There are a few different factors to consider for maintaining a good throat hit, such as the nicotine level, the type of e-liquid and flavor, and even the vaping equipment being used.

Quick Tip #1: The Nicotine Sweet Spot
For the best throat hit, finding the right nicotine level is critical. E-liquids are available in a range of different levels containing nicotine at Om Vapors. Of course, the more nicotine a liquid contains, the stronger the throat hit is going to be. For people who were light smokers, or non-smokers new to vaping, liquids containing 8 mgs will most likely be plenty. However, anyone that used to be a heavy smoker will likely need more, something around 24 mgs. There are e-liquids going up as high as 36 mgs, but for most people they are too strong.

Quick Tip #2: E-Liquid Type And Flavor
Outside of how much nicotine a liquid contains, there is also the PG/VG ratio and the flavor to consider. Most e-liquids come in a ratio of PG and VG, and depending on what an individual is looking for, they can test out different ratios to find out which one will give them the best throat hit. E-liquids that have a higher ratio of PG to VG, deliver a stronger throat hit.  A liquid’s specific flavor also plays a role, and as most vapers would agree, tobacco flavor types usually have a stronger throat hit. Any e-liquids with common strong flavors, such as cinnamon or mint for instance, can bring forth a stronger throat hit as well.

Quick Tip #3: Vaping Equipment and Care For It
There are a couple things to think about when it comes to the device being used for vaping. For example, devices with higher voltages or more coils are able to heat the liquid better, which in turn, produces a stronger hit. Another often overlooked aspect is the maintenance of the device. Without proper care, the quality of each throat hit will continue to decline. It’s important to make sure the liquid is topped off, batteries are charged, and the device is cleaned according to the directions.

These are the main aspects of a good throat hit and taking note of them will help any vaper discover the perfect throat hit that is as strong or mild as they like. Whether it’s the device or e-liquid being vaped, with a little time, everyone can find what suits them for the best vaping experience possible.


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