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Different Grips and What they Say about You

There are a few unique methods to hold an electronic cigarette. Each grip may tell you something about the vaper’s personality.

An electronic cigarette can be held between the pointer finger and the thumb. This grip is may be considered aggressive and masculine. It is also a grip often used by those who smoke illicit substances. This grip may suggest both masculinity and boldness. Because of its link to drug use, it may also exude a sense of danger.

Some vapers tend to hold e-cigs the same way they would hold a regular cigarette. This grip places the device between the pointer finger and middle finger with both fingers remaining straight. This is the most traditional way to hold a cigarette and also applies to an e-cigarette. This grip is seen in both men and women and may suggest a sense of tradition classic style.

Using the middle and pointer finger, the smoker can also curl the pointer finger around the e-cigarette. Generally this is called the “cigar grip” as it is commonly used to hold a cigar. A person who uses this grip may be viewed as either sophisticated or as someone who is trying to appear sophistical. Because this grip is reserved for cigar products, it may be overreaching to use it with anything other than cigars.

The final and least common way to hold an e-cigarette is to hold it between the middle and ring finger. This grip is far less common than the other two, but has benefits. This grip is the least likely to produce an accidental drop. The reason for this is that the muscle connecting these two fingers is shorter than the muscle connecting others. It is far easier to keep the fingers together than it is to pull them apart. Using this grip may send out a quirky, unusual vibe to those around you. However, it may also serve to impress people who are aware of the grip or even start a conversation with those who are curious about the unusual grip.


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