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Can Vaping Really Set Off A Smoke Detector?

As vaping becomes an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, more people are vaping inside and near smoke detectors. Although a good amount of places, including those that ban smoking, allow vaping in their establishments, it is becoming very important to understand how vapor from e-cigarettes interacts with smoke detectors.

Most places that ban smoking have smoke detectors installed that’re capable of detecting cigarette smoke, even if vaping us allowed inside. It would be natural to worry that one of these smoke detectors would also be able to detect vapor from an e-cigarettes. However, because the vapor from these devices contains significantly fewer particles than traditional cigarette smoke, it is unlikely to set off any commonly used smoke detector.

This ability to vape around most commonly used smoke detectors comes down to how they operate. The most commonly used smoke detector is an optical smoke detector. This would be the version of the smoke detector most likely to respond to cigarette smoke. The reason behind this is the cigarette smoke, like a smoldering fire would block a portion of the light emitted, triggering the alarm. Although this would effectively detect cigarette smoke, vaping doesn’t create enough particles in the air to trigger this. Although you should be quite safe vaping bear these fire detectors, there have been a few people setting off optical smoke detectors with a sufficiently concentrate plumb, though this usually involves blowing vapor into the smoke detector.

The second type of smoke detector uses a small amount of radioactive material to ionize the air and pass a small electrical charge through the air in the machine. Because this is not a very effective way to detect smoldering fires and e-cigarettes produce almost no solid particles, this type of smoke detector is all but impossible to set off by vaping. In addition to this, ionizing smoke detectors are normally not found in homes where optical smoke detectors are preferred.

When all is said and done, vaping is a wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes both in terms of safety and flexibility. Although, a bit of sense should always be used when vaping indoors and around others. And as we learn more about how to create e-cigarettes that have less and less of an impact on the environment around us, it will become safer to bring vaping into more places without having to worry about smoke detectors or public perceptions of health concerns.


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