3 Brief Ways For Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue

The vaping industry is continuously booming with business because most smokers prefer the e-cigarettes. In fact, careful studies indicate that the sector has registered a remarkable growth of more than $ 3.5 billion over the past three years. It is projected that the profits from vaping will be approximately $ 5 billion by the end of 2017.

Although vaping is enjoyable to most vapers out there, vaper’s tongue can be uncomfortable and discouraging for those trying to stay on the right path. With that said, here are 3 ways for which vapers can avoid having this happen to them.

Way To Avoid Vaper’s Tongue Tip #1: Keep Hydrated

Vaping dehydrates the mouth because the vapor absorbs the surrounding moisture and air. The mouth contains moisture in the form of saliva. This promotes dryness. Because of the amount of moisture lining removed from the walls of the mouth, there will be a formation of a thin film on the tongue. This film creates a coat between the tongue and the vapor. The result is no distinct tasting ability. This calls for many glasses of drinking water to fix the problem. Water promotes the buildup of moisture in the mouth. This in return, reduces the vaper’s tongue.

Way To Avoid Vaper’s Tongue Tip #2: Switch Flavors

Most studies on vaper’s tongue show that the indescribable taste arising from vaper’s tongue could be as a result of regularly using one e-juice flavor. The constant experience of the same sensation can contribute to a feeling of no taste when vaping. To tune the taste buds and the orientation of the tongue to a new taste, consider finding a new flavor. This new taste should work out magic to the taste buds because of the unique taste to the tongue.

Way To Avoid Vaper’s Tongue Tip #3: Vaping Unflavored Vapes

Some studies suggest that vaping unflavored e-liquids with no nicotine can reduce the chances of experiencing vaper’s tongue. At the same time, it is highly encouraged that an individual uses 100 % vegetable glycerin to promote the tasting ability of the tongue. The theory behind this suggestion is the ability of unflavored vapor to refresh the taste buds. This occurs when the palate is refreshed between meals when an individual is eating or drinking. It perks up the senses of olfactory by offering a different pace of inhalation and oral movement.

There are a good amount of vapers out there who use little to no nicotine in their e-liquids. Vaper’s tongue has an unexpectedly diminishing taste of vapor. This is a reduced ability to taste any flavor of vapor. It may last for one to two days. While more days may be rare, it is important to note that vaper’s tongue is a normal condition to vapers. Interestingly, the deadening of taste can be fixed with time. When the tongue suddenly feels numb when it comes to tasting vapor, the thickening of the saliva coating feels uncomfortable. This calls for a solution to release the thickening. Through hydration, the thickening can be released to promote tasting through the taste buds. Also, a change of flavor can introduce a new taste to the buds. And thus, this solves the vaper’s tongue issue.


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