Vaping Advice

Do You Want A Strong or Weak Throat Hit?

Welcome to vaping. Vaping contains all of the elements of cigarette smoking without many of the side effects and it also helps in transitioning from cigarette use to something more mellow.

A lot of people who vape are recovering smokers, and are looking to reduce their overall nicotine intake. In addition to this, the “habit” of holding and smoking a cigarette is a fairly ingrained phenomenon which calms the smoker. While the nicotine addiction can calm a smoker to a certain extent, the physical rituals and habits involved often create an “experience”, or a safe haven, to which the smoker can return at any point, day or night.

However, one of the main ingredients in changing from smoking to vaping is the “throat hit.” The throat hit is the acidic little bite of cutting action that hits the back of your throat when you first inhale a cigarette. Because this part of the ritual is expected, smokers who would like to quit are often unable to mimic this part of their habit routine and therefore cannot ease themselves out of the cigarette experience.

In the beginning, former or current smokers will want to start with a high nicotine, higher temperature, higher menthol or citrus use, and reduce airflow. This combination will produce the biggest and strongest throat hit. If you are looking to reduce the number of times you intake nicotine, this stronger throat hit can be almost therapeutic in that it gives you a “stronger punch” when you do it less frequently.

However, research has shown that many vaping experiences change over time. In the beginning, vaping can be used to replace regular cigarette smoking. However, after becoming accustomed to longer waiting periods between vapes, people are far more likely to ease up on the strength of the throat hit they desire. It seems that a longer wait period also allows the individual to appreciate the throat hit when they do get it, and thus need a much smaller dose of it then.

This means that vaping which produced a stronger throat hit in the beginning is often replaced by weak throat hits. So, how do you create a weaker throat hit?

Obviously, less nicotine is used. Nicotine heavily contributes to the “bite” of the throat hit. In addition to this, reducing temperature, using tobacco or sweet juice, and opening up the airflow can all mellow out your throat hit. Research has shown that this produces a more comfortable experience for long term vaping use. People who first begin vaping often find that they crave the strong throat hit of a high nicotine bite. However, it’s not long (usually less than a month or so) before that same individual wants a weaker throat hit and a gentler and more mellow experience.

What are some other things you can do to change your vaping experience?

Your PG/VG ration can be altered. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. Increasing your PG will produce a much stronger throat hit, and decreasing it will weaken it. As for VG, it produces the opposite effect. VG will help you have a more mellow vaping experience, and increasing it will lower or weaken your throat hit.

Changing the power settings on mod will also affect your throat hit, but in a different way. It will merely amplify whatever type of throat hit experience you are already having. For example, if the high PG mix in your vaping produces a sharp sensation in the back of your throat, turning up the power will make the sensation even sharper. However, if you’re getting a warm, robust feeling from your throat hit, turning up the power will increase that feeling.

Vaping is an experience which can be altered and tweaked in many different ways. We recommend that you pick some options and then slowly move up and down the range of one option, before tweaking the next spectrum of options. In this way, you can fully and perfectly customize your experience.


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