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“Premium” E-Juice: Is There any Difference?

As vaping continues to coast along on its current rise in popularity, more and more brands are beginning to market themselves as “premium” e-juice. Charging upwards of $20-$30 for just 30ml of juice, many vapers may find themselves asking the question, is it really worth it? And is there really any difference between “premium” brands and their regular, more economically priced competitors?

Every bottle of e-juice contains three basic ingredients- Vegetable Glycerin, Propelyne Glycol and Nicotine. Beyond that, the specific flavors that go into each bottle of e-juice are determined by the manufacturer of the juice. Part of what makes a brand “premium” are the flavoring they use. There are many brands a company has to choose from, and depending on if they decide to use cheaper brands or the more upscale, expensive brands may play a role in deciding it’s status as a premium juice. Some of the more boutique brands even craft their own flavorings from natural extracts and the like. However, this is still completely subjective. The price or quality of the flavoring doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will like it, and some brands that use the cheapest flavorings on the market may hit the sweet spot for some vapers. However, premium brands, in general, tend to use more expensive flavorings that appeal to as wide of an audience as possible.

Other factors aside from flavoring may also help decide whether or not a brand is considered “premium”. Even factors such as packaging have to be taken into consideration when pricing e-liquids. Does it come in a thick glass dripper bottle? Is it a plastic unicorn bottle with a label glued to the side? All of this has some impact in the price you’re paying when you buy a bottle of juice. Premium brands tend to use glass bottles almost exclusively, further increasing the price you’re paying, while more budget minded brands tend to use plastic bottles. While there are some advantages to glass, such as a shorter steeping process, in the long run it’s largely inconsequential what type of packaging a company uses for their juice, so you’re just as well off buying the plastic bottle as the glass.

So in short, are there differences? Yes and no. But at the end of the day, it is still largely subjective. Each person has different needs, as well as a different palate. There will be a place for premium e-liquids on the market as long as people will buy them, however there are still cheap brands who are making juice that may taste just as good as the leading premium line. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide.


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