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Keeping Your E-Liquids Properly Stored During Those Hot Summer Days is Crucial!

It is extremely important to keep your e-juice stored properly during the summer months. There are many ways that you can keep them the right temperature. The heat that you are surrounded by can have a negative effect on not just your juice but your tank, battery, and mod. Where you store your vapor supplies on these types of days can make your vaping experience much more enjoyable.

Avoid High Temperatures

The e-juice that you use in your device’s tank begins to break down at around 105 degrees. The liquids viscosity, color, and flavor will change due to the temperature. The nicotine begins to break down as well. Once these changes have occurred, there is no way to change them back.

Where to Keep Your E-Juice

By keeping your e-juice and tank in a dry, cool place you can ensure the flavor remains enjoyable and as it was when you first made or purchased it. When you go on a road trip, it is a good idea to keep a cooler containing an ice pack in order to store all of your vaping things in. Seal all of your supplies in plastic bags to keep out any moisture that can damage your equipment. Other options are storing everything in a case under your seat or in the trunk. This will help everything to avoid direct sunlight. While at home you should keep your stuff stored in a cool and dark place to avoid these problems associated with the heat.

Quick Tips to Avoid Issues

In weather that is warmer your juice can become thinner. This will make your tank leak more often. By using juice with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin will help to resolve this issue. Make sure that you realize that you will be vaping through your e-juice much faster so make sure that you travel with some backup juice to avoid running out.

Do Not Use E-juice That Has Been Heated

If you by accident leave your e-liquid in your car, you should not use it in your device’s tank or atomizer. It will cause them to become clogged and end up with leaks. The changes that occur will negatively impact your vaping experience and could possibly ruin your atomizer or tank. Never store any of your e-liquid in your car during the warm summer warmth. Even at temperatures as low as 76 degrees can heat a car to 116 degrees in direct sunlight. Make sure that you don’t leave your equipment out on the dashboard either. That heat can damage more than just your juice. If you want to avoid runny juice that has a distorted flavor keep your e-liquid away from temperatures above 100 degrees. You nicotine will also be destroyed and broken down in high temperatures as well. Avoid putting your juice by the grill so it can keep at the temperature that it needs to be.

Keeping all of these brief tips in mind will help you to have a better vaping experience this upcoming summer.


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