Can Vaping Lower Your Stress Levels?

Vaping has become one of the most popular mediums of nicotine intake, vastly supplanting the popularity of old-fashioned cigarettes in the bid for an alternative means to keep up the habit. As time passes, and more research into the effects of vaping become available to the general public, one finding has raised a few eyebrows; it can improve your sex life.

Is that true? Can vaping lower your stress levels?

It is well-known that the regular and continued smoking of cigarettes causes a trove of health problems, among them is a higher heart rate and unconditional stresses. Speaking from a medical vantage-point there is clear evidence that vaping is by far a better alternative to smoking cigars and cigarettes; mainly because it helps eliminate intake of tar, carbon monoxides, heavy metals, and other such poisons found in a common cigarette stick.

However, nicotine is likewise well-documented in the medical field for being a vasoconstrictor – a chemical compound which restricts proper blood flow due to its constrictive action on the blood vessels. It is due to the large amounts of nicotine which is consumed by regular cigarette smokers, along with the combined elements of tar, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals that people suffer from a trove of diseases such as heart problems, lung problems, and erectile dysfunction – all can be very stressful indeed.

Studies have found that, even when isolated, nicotine still possesses to be too potent. Vaping is often marketed as the ‘cleaner’ alternative to cigarettes, and it is. Users will experience less coughing, cleaner lungs, almost zero exposure to tar, carbon monoxides and heavy metals, all of which contribute to a decrease in their stress levels.

So, can vaping lower your stress levels? Once these negative elements are removed, sexual function and increased stamina can be experienced as well as being able to breathe better and move better. However, the fact that vaping nicotine can still be a downside if one wants to improve these factors does exist. There are inconclusive studies as of late that show how e-cigarettes and vaping have very little to almost no effect on stamina  for instance, however, years of previous study conducted on the vasodilating effects of nicotine offer a very convincing contrary perspective.

While vaping may indeed be a far better alternative to the otherwise toxic cancer-stick that is the cigarette, it can decrease your stress by eliminating most of the negative elements that cause bad health problems; but there is no guarantee. Studies are still being done today on this.


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