Vaping Advice

Avoid Overheating Your Vaping Batteries

For vapers using regulated MODs or electronic cigarettes, overheating is not as significant a risk as it may be with more experimental builds. However, vapers of all experience levels should be aware of the dangers of overheating batteries and how to avoid this dangerous occurrence.

When a battery overheats, it can cause serious damage. In the best-case scenario, your e-cigarette or MOD will be damaged or ruined. In the worst-case scenario, an exploding battery could cause serious injury. Below, we’ll give you the tips you need to keep this from happening to you.

Due to the huge range of devices that people vape with, there are a multitude of small issues which can lead to an overheating battery. Most of the time, these problems are caused by simple build choices that can easily be prevented, such as using cheap batteries or chargers or designing a build with adequate ventilation.

Regulated devices are designed to prevent overheating, but damage and defect can cause them to malfunction. These are the best devices for newer users, and they have the most comprehensive safety features to prevent dangerous overheating. If they do overheat, it is usually due to a combination of cheap parts and poor ventilation. Using cheap or incompatible chargers can damage the battery’s internal heat sensors, leading to overheating. If the device’s fail-safe is working properly, an overheated battery with one of these should simply shut off or, at worst, damage the battery or coil.

For MODs or user-designed builds, using cheap parts can lead to similar ventilation problems. A poorly designed build or one that has become very dirty can cause a lack of ventilation or electrical shorts in the wiring that will eventually lead to battery overheating. Since these are often built using more expertise and personal preference, many come without as many inherent safety features as regulated devices. These might not have the shutoff fail-safe included, so overheating in one of these batteries can lead to more significant damage or even explosion.

Specific builds also require the appropriate battery for their designed output. When designing a MOD, check coil ohm rating and the recommended discharge rate for your tank. Make sure the battery you choose is compatible with both to ensure that overheating and damage don’t occur. You will also want to keep an eye on any special e-juices you use, as some juices have specific power requirements.

Overheating batteries are a significant safety concern in vaping, especially as user’s builds become more personalized and creative. Using high quality materials and sound design can prevent damage and injury from overheating batteries and keep you vaping safely.


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