Vaping Advice

Should You Transfer E-Juice From Your Tank Back Into The Bottle?

Vaping technology
In order to determine whether or not it is safe to transfer e-juice from your tank back into the bottle, I suggest we interrogate the vaping technology for a moment. During vaping, there is one common component that is used in order to achieve the vaporizing effect and it is the vape juice. This is the fluid responsible for creating vapor hence making it very crucial in the vaping process. Depending on one’s preference, the liquid can have some levels of nicotine or have none at all. With this is in mind, it is prudent to understand that this liquid may contain either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin.

Reasons why it is not okay to transfer E-Juice from your tank back to the bottle
While some people do not see a problem in the practice of bringing back what you have left from the tank to the bottle for later use, there is need for caution. In this regard, you need to understand that any liquid that has been vaped goes through a series of reactions. In order to create the vapor that comes from the vape tank, the liquid undergoes a heating process of up to 200 to 400 Fahrenheit. That kind of heat regularly attracts corrosion on the coils as well as creating gunk and residue. Overtime this creates a corrosive effect and a burnt taste.
The gunk and residue left behind may consequently contaminate the fresh juice in the bottle. Although many people argue that it does not really change anything, there are chemical reasons to suggest an effect ultimately. Used juice will be heated and vaped hence losing its flavor concentration. It is argued that transferring it back to the bottle results to dilution of the fresh juice. In addition, due to the after effects of vaping and heat, used e-juice accumulates a burnt-like taste which then alters the entire flavor if transferred to the fresh juice tank. This greatly changes the quality of the juice and compromises on its flavor value.

In a nutshell, although many vapers are used to transferring their e-juice into the bottle and they may have not noticed a problem, you can rest assured that there is a danger to it. Putting into account that a user may want to experiment with both the PG and the VG vape juices from time to time, it is imperative to separately store used and fresh juices to avoid contamination and alteration of the authentic taste. In addition, the residue and gunk accumulated can be easily transferred into the fresh juice and significantly alter the quality of vapor produced when the liquid is vaped again.


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