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4 Universal MOD Battery Safety Tips to Follow

Vaping has increasingly become a popular hobby that poses various dangers if you forget to employ the best practices. As a vaper, a most cherished and intimate investment is your MOD. Vapers take extreme care of their MODs and hold them dear to the heart. How can you make your MOD’s battery last longer if it is possible?

Here are four fantastic tips to increase your MOD’s battery life:

Tip #1: Regulated Devices and Non-Replaceable Batteries

Internal batteries are common in pen style setups that never allow you to drain battery power beyond a set limit. Regarding safety, pen style setups, and regulated MODs are alike.

Follow the tips below to ensure the safety of your MOD:

  • Monitor a charging battery: Avoid charging your battery overnight, rather charge when you are nearby to supervise it. When the green light turns on, disconnect your charger as the battery is full.
  • Use the right charger for your battery: Always employ the right charger for your vape’s battery. Ideally, you should stick to the charger and wall adapter that came along with your device.
  • Always purchase chargers from reputable dealers: Ideally, you should buy chargers from reputable retailers. Avoid using cheap gas station chargers for quality vape batteries.
  • Monitor your battery’s amp level: Internal battery regulated devices optimally charge at 0.5 or 1 amp, but others can charge at 2 amps. Consult your manual to determine the correct charging amp level for your device.

Tip #2: Replaceable or Removable Batteries

When it comes to MODs with removable or external batteries are either unregulated or regulated. Unregulated MODs or mechanical MODs contain no embedded circuitry or safety mechanisms. In these devices, you simply insert a battery into a metal tube or box. As a result, you need to take extra precautionary care when using a device of this stature.

Below is a list of guidelines to help you care for external battery MODs:

  • Keep your MOD clean: Frequently clean the MOD’s thread and inner walls using alcohol wipes or custom cotton swabs and alcohol. Dirty threads interfere with you vape’s circuitry and can its fire button to stick, referred to as a “hot button” in vaping circles.
  • Use a battery wrap: A battery wrap is a plastic sheath that wraps tightly around batteries. Ensure that the wrap has no holes or tears in it. Always align your batteries in the correct direction when storing them. A battery’s positive end has less metal displaying under the wrap. If using a box MOD with two batteries, place batteries either in parallel (facing the same direction) or in series (facing opposite directions).
  • Married batteries: For two battery mods, it is safer to use “married batteries.” Always buy two batteries at once and simultaneously charge and use them. Acquire a pair of backup batteries and keep them in concert. Use labels or markers to help you correctly identify your battery packs.
  • Amp limit: Batteries have amperage limits that determine how much power your battery can handle. In most batteries, you will find the amp limit indicated on the side. Use an Ohm’s law calculator, found online, to calculate your battery’s amperage limit. Get yourself a higher amperage battery where the amperage is greater than your battery can handle.
  • Identify hot spots: Be extra careful when making your custom coils by ensuring that the coil fires correctly and do not have any hot spots. Good coils should heat from the center outwards.
  • Keep away from cheap chargers: For external batteries, avoid chargers from unknown manufacturers, chargers that seem generic or those that continue charging a full battery. Look for chargers that have the “overcharge protection” feature.

For mechanical mods: In single battery mods, a loose battery directly outputs voltage which decreases your device’s power output meaning that you get less vapor and flavor. Continuing to vape until the battery is dead is risky and not good for your battery. You should change to a freshly charged battery after noticing a significant reduction in power.

Tip # 3: Lower Voltage

All vaping devices, from electronic cigarettes, portable vaporizers, and MODs, typically have a recommended voltage range. MODs offer greater voltage range customizability. However, higher voltages mean that a device has more power coursing through it. Refrain from using high voltages unless it is necessary. Extremely high energy damage can wear a MOD faster than low voltages. Regulate the voltage and pay attention to your MOD’s power output to maximize its life.

Tip #4: General Battery Tips

  • Auto-firing: You should remove your tank or atomizer when your device heats up without pressing the power button.
  • Venting: Sometimes batteries may leak or vent. As a result, it begins to emit the gases inside it. When this happens, relocate your device away from any flammable substances, or isolate it in a plastic bag, and wait until the battery stops venting.
  • Battery disposal: Do not just throw away worn out batteries. You can find a good battery recycler in your area to recycle your spent batteries or devices.

Initially, you may think these guidelines and tips complicated, but they are easy and straightforward to follow. Taking care of your batteries involves monitoring your batteries, avoiding overcharging, and refraining from exceeding your batteries capabilities. Utilize these tips, and you will thank your device for giving you intimate experiences in your vaping sessions


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