Shorter Drags = Longer Vape Lifespan

The world of vaping has witnessed the evolution of the vape coil that has transformed this sphere. The coil has continually brought to the fold the question of which (proper) way, it is, of taking a drag from the e-cig. Ordinarily, taking overly long drags is rather common; of course, with conservativeness, other vapers prefer taking a slightly short drag. While sometimes it can be unimagined, indeed a correlation can be drawn between the longevity of taking a drag from the device’s tank or atomizer and the effect on its component and/or the clearomizer. One of the lines that is to be drawn is that longevity of a drag can burn all the e-juice that was vaped. Moreover, taking overly long drags has the potential to destroy the device in totality.

As compared to taking shorter drags, taking overly long drags, which comes with higher amounts of voltage in the device, poses a significant harm, not only to the coil but also to the e-juice. When electric power is above normal, it results in more power in the coil, thus making it burn at a higher rate than under normal circumstances. Consequently, the subjection of the higher amount of electric energy on the coil increases the likelihood of wear and tear of the coil. This means the amount of e-juice consumed is greater because of the high amounts of voltage entering the device.

The thought of having overhead costs in maintaining the device and its components, especially the purchase of the e-juice, has caused most vapers it seems to enjoy using high VG-juices. This practice is considered detrimental to the vape coil, causing it to grow thick layers, and this causes the dysfunctionality of the gunk on the coils. While the juice is a significant component for the performance of the vape coil, it needs to be maintained at optimal levels for proper functionality of the device. Its presence in high levels reduces the overall performance of the vape coil, consequently lowering the taste. Essentially, when the juice is at high levels, it enhances the time of burning in the coil region that affects it in the end. In this regard, vapers remain advised to maintain a low level of the juice to guarantee its durability.

The frequency of vaping can be dictated by the time that a coil and e-juice are bound to take within a specified period. If you are vaping more frequently, you need to be prepared to replace the coil more often than a vaper who vapes occasionally. Incontestably, a person who vapes more often would subject the equipment to longer hours of activity that poses a significant effect on the time that the device would take to remain productive. A person vaping more frequently would subject the material to longer drags compared to an individual who vapes occasionally. It is from these series of activities that a vaper would be able to rate the durability of the coils after a certain amount of time.

Essentially, while the suitability of the kind of drag is subject to a vaper’s preference, it is sufficed to say that this could be the difference between a shorter and increased lifespan of the device. Beyond reasonable doubts, taking long drags can cause a breakdown of the atomizer, especially if it is a low ohm one, because of the juice burn out, plus the wear and tear by excess voltage entering the device. While the long, deep pulls give off a kind of soothing mechanism so to speak, exciting the vaper as if they’re having the real thing; having shorter drags still eclipses the preference of having long drags for reasons of device durability, which brings to the surface the overall cost of replacing e-juice and the coil.


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