Shorter Drags = Longer Vape Lifespan

The world of vaping has witnessed the evolution of the vape coil that has transformed this sphere. The coil has continually brought to the fold the question of which (proper) way, it is, of taking a drag from the e-cig. Ordinarily, taking overly long drags is rather common; of course, with conservativeness, other vapers prefer… Continue reading Shorter Drags = Longer Vape Lifespan



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4 Universal MOD Battery Safety Tips to Follow

Vaping has increasingly become a popular hobby that poses various dangers if you forget to employ the best practices. As a vaper, a most cherished and intimate investment is your MOD. Vapers take extreme care of their MODs and hold them dear to the heart. How can you make your MOD’s battery last longer if… Continue reading 4 Universal MOD Battery Safety Tips to Follow

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E-Liquid Discoloration: What Does That Mean For You?

Have you ever noticed how e-liquids change color while in a bottle or after loading into the cartomizer? Discoloration doesn’t occur due to issues with the quality of the e-liquid but is determined by its ingredients and vaping habits. The amounts of flavoring present in the juice affects its color. To begin with, we shall… Continue reading E-Liquid Discoloration: What Does That Mean For You?

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Should You Transfer E-Juice From Your Tank Back Into The Bottle?

Vaping technology In order to determine whether or not it is safe to transfer e-juice from your tank back into the bottle, I suggest we interrogate the vaping technology for a moment. During vaping, there is one common component that is used in order to achieve the vaporizing effect and it is the vape juice.… Continue reading Should You Transfer E-Juice From Your Tank Back Into The Bottle?

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Avoid Overheating Your Vaping Batteries

For vapers using regulated MODs or electronic cigarettes, overheating is not as significant a risk as it may be with more experimental builds. However, vapers of all experience levels should be aware of the dangers of overheating batteries and how to avoid this dangerous occurrence. When a battery overheats, it can cause serious damage. In… Continue reading Avoid Overheating Your Vaping Batteries


Can Vaping Lower Your Stress Levels?

Vaping has become one of the most popular mediums of nicotine intake, vastly supplanting the popularity of old-fashioned cigarettes in the bid for an alternative means to keep up the habit. As time passes, and more research into the effects of vaping become available to the general public, one finding has raised a few eyebrows;… Continue reading Can Vaping Lower Your Stress Levels?