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Those MOD Batteries Are Way Too Hot!

There are many things can cause a vaper to have a bad day. Expired e-juice, forgetting to charge your MOD’s batteries, and your favorite vape juice running out. But one of the worst things is when your MOD’s batteries overheat. Vapers will normally figure out that the batteries are overheating when they feel the heat… Continue reading Those MOD Batteries Are Way Too Hot!

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4 Tips for Avoiding a Cracked Vape Tank

Just like any other hobby, vapers can run into problems right from the get go. Unfortunately, most of the problems occur to newbies who have not fully educated themselves about vaping or what to look out for that will help them take care of their equipment. Because of this, we will explore these to consider… Continue reading 4 Tips for Avoiding a Cracked Vape Tank

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This sample pack contains our entire Reincarnation line. Receive a 70% discount on your first purchase of this item. The discount automatically applies at checkout, the total will be $17.99. This Sampler includes: Ascension – Raspberry, Pomegranate, Mousse Cake Karma – Milk and Honey Lotus – White Miso, Peach, Pear, Apple, Floral notes Omega – Key Lime Coconut Cheesecake The… Continue reading REINCARNATION LINE

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The Importance of a Backup Vape

When vaping, you don’t usually consider the fact that your equipment and supplies run out. Some vapers only have their device, a bottle of e-juice, and a tank or RDA. It’s important to keep in mind that if one of these parts break or runs out, you’re out of luck for a while. Some people… Continue reading The Importance of a Backup Vape

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DIY E-Liquid Safety 101

A big thing in the vaping world is customization. Vapers love being able to customize their entire vaping experience and e-liquids are no different. A DIY e-liquid is one that you mix up yourself. This is great for making the liquid as strong or subtle as you want, as well as getting the exact flavor… Continue reading DIY E-Liquid Safety 101


Make Pyrex And Glass Tanks Your Go-To Vape Tanks

Pyrex and glass tanks are devices that change the state of e-juices. These tanks are fitted with atomizers that have a maximum of two posts which joins to a wick that has a coil wrapped around it. The coils are of different sizes depending on the type of tank. The size of the coils affects… Continue reading Make Pyrex And Glass Tanks Your Go-To Vape Tanks