Shorter Drags = Longer Vape Lifespan

The world of vaping has witnessed the evolution of the vape coil that has transformed this sphere. The coil has continually brought to the fold the question of which (proper) way, it is, of taking a drag from the e-cig. Ordinarily, taking overly long drags is rather common; of course, with conservativeness, other vapers prefer… Continue reading Shorter Drags = Longer Vape Lifespan

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“Premium” E-Juice: Is There any Difference?

As vaping continues to coast along on its current rise in popularity, more and more brands are beginning to market themselves as “premium” e-juice. Charging upwards of $20-$30 for just 30ml of juice, many vapers may find themselves asking the question, is it really worth it? And is there really any difference between “premium” brands… Continue reading “Premium” E-Juice: Is There any Difference?


3 Brief Ways For Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue

The vaping industry is continuously booming with business because most smokers prefer the e-cigarettes. In fact, careful studies indicate that the sector has registered a remarkable growth of more than $ 3.5 billion over the past three years. It is projected that the profits from vaping will be approximately $ 5 billion by the end… Continue reading 3 Brief Ways For Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue

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Welcome to the World of Steeping Your E-Liquids

Making your own e-liquid has become a popular trend for people who vape. Many do not know the benefits of steeping your e-liquid. With that said, here’s some basic information about what steeping is and how you can do this yourself for a better tasting vape. What Is Steeping? Steeping can be compared to how… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Steeping Your E-Liquids

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The Fill Line Matters When Your Filling Your Vape Tank

When electronic cigarettes first hit the scene, it was a common site to see vapers taking a draw and then immediately looking for a place to spit out. This usually had to do with overfilling the tanks with e-liquid. And it took a while for some to figure it out. For all those users of tobacco in its… Continue reading The Fill Line Matters When Your Filling Your Vape Tank